ODOO Inventory Management Software by O2B Technologies


The essence of Inventory Management in ODOO

The purpose of the ODOO inventory management software to an organization is to help it enhance the inventory process. As we know that almost every business organization out there, inventory management is a very crucial aspect that ensures its success. Several activities go into the process of inventory management in ODOO. With the O2B Technologies inventory management software, you can seamlessly streamline these activities. Important to realize, our ODOO inventory management software helps you manage your product or assets inventory effortlessly. Furthermore, this open-source inventory management software offers you a highly flexible solution for the management of your inventory processes. You stand to enjoy benefits such as facilitation of maximum sales and orders, initiation of timely deliveries and so much more.

Why choose O2B Technologies to Serve Your ODOO Inventory Management Software Needs?

  • We help make your inventory orders more accurate

Our Odoo inventory management software enables you to streamline your inventory processes as well as the needs of your organization. With this software, you can easily find out the exact amount of inventory you should have ready. This allows you to prevent any deficits of the product but still allows you to keep sufficient stock.

  • You enjoy an orderly warehouse

With our proven inventory management in Odoo service, you can be sure that you will have an organized warehouse. Managing your inventory will be an easy task for you, with this in mind, improve your warehouse processes. For instance, with it, you can arrange the most sought products in an easy to access place at the warehouse. This, in turn, ensures that you order fulfillment is speeded up and your customers left contented.

  • We help you save time and money

Our Odoo stock management software solution lets your business realize real-time and financial benefits. With it, you can keep track of the products you already have and those you have ordered. Also, this lets you save yourself the headache of performing a recount of your inventory just to ascertain the accuracy of your records. A good inventory management system is also a huge plus for your organization's finances. It lets you save big on your inventory expenditure that caters for less sought products.

  • We help you increase your business's efficacy and output

Our inventory management software will help you enhance the efficiency and output of your business. When you involve the use of barcode scanners, your employees will not have to endure the pain of performing manual processes. This allows them to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.

Our Odoo E-commerce solution

The O2B Technologies Odoo E-commerce service offers several benefits to your business. By integrating Odoo E-commerce service into the operations of your business, you get the following benefits:

Easily manage multiple stores - Odoo E-commerce service makes it easy for you to manage your multiple stores from just one platform. There are multiple Odoo services such as Odoo CRM, Odoo website, Odoo sales, Odoo inventory and much more. All these perfectly incorporated in Odoo E-commerce, helps you to manage your business in a single system.

Proper shipping integration - Odoo ecommerce integration lets you insert add-on connectors for you to handle your shipping services better. The Odoo ERP software easily integrates with reputable shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

You realize increased profits - Odoo ERP and E-commerce lets you realize enhanced profits as you are able to analyze correct sales and stock level. You can easily manage stocks and sales by way of programmed adaptations and reporting. A dedicated customer portal ensures that customer data is structured and aligned with order tracking claims. This lets the customers to download delivery orders and invoices fostering customer satisfaction.

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